Angela H. Kim is a contemporary artist, freelance curator, art instructor and a co-founder of HEIMAT Art. Born in South Korea, raised in British Columbia, Angela H currently resides in Toronto.

 She began painting at the age of 11, but devoted herself to her artwork beginning in 2009. Her training includes OCAD, Emily Carr University, and apprenticeships with several established west-coast artists. 

Her early work — classical-style portraits — was heavily influenced by Renaissance masters and French impressionism. Subjects included themes of humanism, the human condition, and human rights. 

Her later work highlights human emotion and fragility through the use of abstract marks, heavy textures and strong colours transcending physical boundaries. Her mediums include oil painting, encaustic, plaster, charcoal, wood, bronze, and sand. 

Angela’s works have been displayed in local galleries, featured in forums, articles and magazines, and collected by individuals and corporations globally.

For more information on Angela's work, visit : HERE 

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2019 January - FAM FEST Group exhibition - Airhship37

2019 May - Solo Exhibition - The edge of Chaos - Berkeley Bicycle Club

2019 April - Group Exhibition judge - Freedom Factory

2019 August - New Perspective - Anniversary Gallery

2018 April -Dundas Square Billboard Exhibition

2018 Nov - TTC Exhibition - Life on the line

2018 April - Shedding lights on the shadow - Artusiasm gallery

2018 September - Daniel Spectrum Art Show

2018 August - Group Exhibition - Art House Toronto

2018 January - Art Battle Library - Artusiasm Exhibition 

2018 March - An Ode to Women - Artusiasm Gallery

2016 May - KCFF Group Exhibition

2015 April - Solo Exhibition - Art Studio of Ontario

2013 March - Summer Group Show - Queen West Place

2010 November - Annual Group Art Show - Good Life Connoisseur 


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